'Twas the end of December, and all through the house, all creatures were frenzied; yes, even the mouse...

Reality check: Any mouse in my house *should* be frenzied. I have a kitten and she's speedy. However, the craziness that tends to come with Holiday season can get to be a bit much for us humans.

So, let's sit back, relax and take a look at some stones with metaphysical properties associated with strength.

We know that attributing properties to rocks may not be everyone’s thing. This blog is meant to inform and entertain, not preach.*

Quartz is said to strengthen and amplify any energy placed into it. It's also said to enhance the energy of other stone groups. Quartz is also believed to enhance the mind's ability to focus on the positive in place of the negative.If you're feeling like the whole "rocks having energy" thing is a little out there, it's worth noting that crystal quartz can can transform mechanical pressure or heat into electromagnetic energy, and vice versa.

Carnelian is said to be a stone of action, helping us to overcome indecision or procrastination and increase feelings of independence. It is said to help enhance vitality and love of life and increase energy while helping to ward off negative energy, and feelings of jealousy or rage.

Red Jasper is known as the Stone of Endurance. It is said to bring physical strength, energy, and stamina. Red Jasper is also said to be a stone of emotional empowerment and courage.

Tiger Eye is said to boost will power, as well as emotional stability, and enhance energy. It is also said to boost hope, confidence, and optimism. Tiger Eye is also said to help people find confidence in their unique strengths and abilities while using them in alliance with their values.

Onyx is said to help develop emotional strength and stamina, and to bring extra support during stressful events. Like Tiger Eye, it is also said to help in issues of will power or self-discipline. It is also said to guard against draining emotional energy.

*If you 100% know that you don’t care or want to know about it - that’s totally OK. I’ve noticed that the metaphysical concept is like Cilantro or Black Licorice. It’s either something you like or something that makes your face go “eeew,” involuntarily. Since energy work and rocks are becoming more mainstream, we do want to take the time to offer some basic information.

All stones have an historic and/or contemporary reputation for various physical, mental, emotional and spiritual qualities. For our purposes, we’ll steer away from the physical healing aspect. As an artisan, you can certainly choose to provide that information to your customers. However, it’s extremely important not to offer your jewelry or stone lore as an alternative to care from a medical provider.

                                   - Erin, Dakota Stones


Sharon Misuraco

Date 12/19/2017

Thanks for the information. I think you’re presenting it in the most diplomatic way possible. When I’m really stressed, I put on my tiger eye necklace and 5 minutes later, I’m calm!

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