The term Druzy (also known as Drusy, or Druse) refers to the tiny layer of Quartz crystals that may be found on or in another mineral, commonly Agate, but also within Chalcedony and other stone varieties.

In order to give Druzy a consistent color, and to help make the sparkling crystals more prominent, Druzy is often dyed or coated. Given that tiny crystals are delicate, and coated or dyed beads need a little extra TLC, here are some thoughts on the care and cleaning of Druzy.

Store finished jewelry or beads carefully- the coatings and crystals depend on you to keep them safe. Regardless of bead type, I like to store each strand in a separate bag, or wrap the strand to prevent rubbing. When we transport Druzy to shows, they're kept in specific trays with lots of extra padding. This is especially important if you have beads or cabachons with clean plains of Druzy- they'll be more susceptible to damage.

Take the same precautions with Druzy as you would with other stones. No harsh cleaners- if you have a dust problem, start with a bit of water and a light once over with a soft toothbrush. That will return the sparkle without compromising the coating.

It's good to know that some color coatings seem to be more resilient than others, so if you're looking to design with beads that need a little less attention, try any iridescent shades of blue-green, peacock, rainbow, or true matte finishes.

As always, remind your customers that taking care of jewelry is important- no swimming, no showering, no splish-splashing in household soaps or cleaners. The better care they take of the jewelry, the longer it will last.

Erin, Dakota Stones

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