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The Only Branded Line of Gemstone Beads
Posted by Dakota Stones to Articles

Dakota Stones manufactures the only branded line of gemstone beads and jewelry components in the world. We travel the globe to discover unique and interesting rough rock to cut into our product lines. Our products range from top-quality, affordable stones like jaspers and agates to more rare stone types like rubies and sapphires.

Why is that significant?

Tying our brand to our products is our guarantee for stone quality and consistency. We are a company of artists and adventurers that appreciate quality, rare, and unique products. We value the trust of our customers, fellow artists and adventurers in life.

By selecting Dakota Stones, you trust us to become a part of your art.

Dakota Stones works only with businesses that mine and manufacture responsibly, which results in living wages paid to workers operating in safe conditions. We look for high-quality materials and are always finding new products to add to our stock. We are there at each step in the process -- from selecting top-grade rough material, through the cutting and polishing stages, to quality control -- before we present our stones to you.

Our Products

Stones in the dsPremier collection are exclusively designed, cut, and produced by Dakota Stones. They are cut from unique and premium rough materials to exacting specifications to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Many strands in the dsPremier collection are very limited.

We carry a wide selection of stones in 16-inch strands, many of which are limited editions, and offer these products depending on availability. These can include unique or rare finds that we might not have again.

Our 8-inch continuity collection is composed entirely of stone types and cuts that we can continue to source. Of these are some of our top picks and best sellers. We also specialize in unique shapes cut for consistency and all holes are laser-drilled for smooth edges. This line is perfect for designers to replicate designs in quantity.

If you are a business owner or a designer, you can buy from us confident that we supply the highest quality strands of on-trend, unique and rare stones. We offer a 100% guarantee and return policy.

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Joanee Udelf Date 1/7/2019
I love your products and your integrity!!! Have been using your outstanding stones for over a decade. and i adore the pic of the DS Rocks personnel just above :)
Beverly Lindsey Date 1/7/2019
I really enjoyed reading about the great company I truly thought you were!. You are to be commended for being the only branded stone company in existence. Otherwise, the terrain of our world would turn into a "hole" of unimportant rocks, gravel,and look awful! Thank you for being who you are!. Beverly Lindsey P.S. I love Rok the dog!
Teddi Silver Date 1/7/2019
I just want to commend Dakota Stones for what they do. I am the President of the Delaware Mineralogical Society and we are always concerned about issues like this.
Barbara Johnson Date 1/7/2019
Interest in my jewelry has increased since I began incorporating Dakota Stones beads. Thank you for providing such a high-quality, unique line of stones!
Joanne Piepenburg Date 1/7/2019
Love your stones. You sell top quality beads. Love the dog.
Susan Yoresh Date 1/8/2019
Who is that? He (she) is too gorgeous. Can I have him? Can he visit me in New York City? We have great dog 🐕 parks. If I can't have him then please smother him with kisses. Thanks ... Susan
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