For the month of December we’re diving into rocks in a new way. In the past, our blogs have ranged on topics from science-y to playful. As a stone bead manufacturer, we’d be remiss if we didn’t offer a little more information on an increasingly popular community topic: the metaphysical properties of rocks.

If you 100% know that you don’t care or want to know about it - that’s totally OK. I’ve noticed that the metaphysical concept is like Cilantro or Black Licorice. It’s either something you like or something that makes your face go “eeew,” involuntarily. Since energy work and rocks are becoming more mainstream, we do want to take the time to offer some basic information.

All stones have an historic and/or contemporary reputation for various physical, mental, emotional and spiritual qualities. For our purposes, we’ll steer away from the physical healing aspect. As an artisan, you can certainly choose to provide that information to your customers. However, it’s extremely important not to offer your jewelry or stone lore as an alternative to care from a medical provider.

So, long intro over, here’s the meat. We featured a few of the *many* stone types that are said to bring peace and calming.

Amethyst is said to bring us back to our center if we’re overworked, overtired, or stressed. It’s also said to help bring us to a place of wisdom when dealing with painful transitions. For example, it is said that Amethyst can help someone grieving to become more in touch with the joy of their loved one’s life than the pain of loss.

Green Aventurine is said to be grounding, meaning that it can bring you more firmly into the present moment in a stable way. It’s said to calm nervousness and anxiety, and to be especially useful in dissipating the day-to-day stresses of a busy life.

Dumortierite is thought to help calm overexcitable tendencies and instill self-confidence. It is also said to enhance feelings of self-empowerment and competence.

Crazy Lace Agate is also said to promote feelings of inner strength and confidence as well as elevate feelings of joy. It is also reputed to help curtail ones fear of insects, spiders and crawly things. Anybody up for field testing this particular tidbit should email me: [email protected].

*** Important Note: If the metaphysical stuff is your jam, watch your sources. If, for example, a stone that looks like quartz has a trademarked name and a long and fascinating backstory involving alien life forms, put on your critical thinking cap. If *anything* doesn’t feel right for you, feel free to be pick and choose what resonates.

- Erin, Dakota Stones

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