Many of our customers are seasoned show veterans, and an equal number are just starting to get their feet wet. As you're looking at your pre-Holiday shows, here are some super quick tips.

If you're a seasoned seller, this blog might not be for you. However, your wisdom, experience, and input will be invaluable to the fresh faces in our group, so please share your thoughts in the comments.

1) Merchandising - Invest in busts and display props. If you can't buy everything on your wish list, budget for additional pieces throughout the season or year. If nothing else, invest in a good table covering. You likely have all sorts of items around your home or studio to place underneath.

*When buying your display items, devote some time to price comparing. You'll find that there are online or brick and mortar stores devoted to merchandising items, and the selection and price is likely to be best there.

2) Ear Wires - For most of us, earrings are the highest margin, highest volume seller. Consider using Niobium, Gold-Filled, Sterling, or Silver-Filled ear wires so that a metal intolerance isn't the bar to a sale. You could also bring higher-end ear wires to the show, and offer to change them out for a small "upgrade" charge,

3) Know Your Audience - Consider the location and target demographic of the show. If you regularly focus on higher-end and/or labor intensive pieces, you want to know you're in a selling environment that's right for it.

4) Always bring business cards!! If you find yourself at a show where you're not accessibly priced, you can take the time to curate future customers. Taking the time to build a relationship not only feels good, it can help convert a potential customer into a customer or even a regular down the road.

Erin, Dakota Stones


Kathie Myers

Date 11/13/2017

If a customer buys a bracelet or necklace, I inform them that with their purchase they can get $5 off a pair of earrings. I also tell them where I am selling on consignment, so they can get companion pieces in the future. 75% of customers take me up on my earring offer, significantly increasing my average sale.

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