Rocks are all old, right?

Certain types of rocks just happen to make us feel more connected to that time. Seeing a giant dinosaur skeleton inspires awe and wonder- it's a tangible link to an undocumented time.

This week, we took some time to explore some more easily obtainable links to that distant past. I've recently been loving whimsical Dino charm necklaces with our Fossil Coral. I've been a dinosaur fiend since age 5, so talking about these stones was a pleasure.

PS - Not to get all 'Jurassic Park', but if any of you out there know where I can get a genuine velociraptor claw, shoot an email my way. ;-)

                                                         Erin, Dakota Stones


Lynne Ballerstedt

Date 11/10/2017

What great presentations! I didn’t even realize kambaba jasper was a fossil. Thanks!

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