We’re excited to announce some new arrivals! We put 4 & 8mm coins into production about a year ago, sensing a design trend on the up-swing.

As you’re probably well aware, smaller coins haven’t been the easiest find. Shapes are harder to cut and require more skilled workers. Let’s remember that most production facilities produce what they *know* they can sell. There’s a high incentive to produce proven sellers with subtle variations.

Since other stone distributors just buy from the manufacturer’s existing offerings, they’re stuck with whatever they’re offered.

As a manufacturer in our own right, we have the power to create unique products on a larger scale. That gives us the power to bring you smaller coins in a big way.

Coins are becoming a popular alternative to traditional rounds, giving designs a more contemporary and on-trend look and feel.

Our 8” Line now includes 8mm Puff Coins. 8mm rounds are consistently popular, and we wanted to give the classic a fresh look. A Puff Coin was the clear new “must have”.

Depending on the design, the shape can modernize in place of a traditional round or inspire designers looking relying on clean lines or unconventional shapes. It’s now available in 20 of our most popular stone offerings.


Don’t worry, we didn’t neglect our 16” Line. We discovered an amazing 4mm coin with diamond-cut facets.

While we can’t take credit for the design, we can recognize perfection when we see it. It offers maximum surface space for incredible sparkle. The checkerboard pattern can be cut by a machine, significantly lowering production costs and the final price of the strand.

This video shows off the sparkle and artistry of the unique checkerboard cut:

Since smaller stones often mean smaller holes and design problems, we wanted to create a hole large enough for most commonly used materials. We exceeded our own expectations, and ended up with holes that can fit 20 gauge wire. And yes, the first thing we did was make our own ear wires.

This product line will also be expanding into additional stone types, and we’ll keep you posted as the line grows.

P.S. We’re going to be announcing the return of a favorite stone type very soon. We wish we could tell you more. OK, fine, fine, twist our arm.

PURPLE TURQUOISE with BRONZE is being packed up for shipment and will be hitting our website in the next 6 weeks. You’re welcome.

- Erin, Dakota Stones


Bonnie VanScoter

Date 7/30/2018

Please bring us more graduated ladder/trapezoid collar strands that are top-drilled. I realize that not all stones lend themselves to such a cut but I love the large, flat surface area that shows off unique NATURAL jaspers and agates so well and lays so well on the neckline. The more pattern in the stone, the better I like it although solid colored stones are also very pretty in this cut. Thank you for considering this request.

Regina Santerre

Date 8/2/2018

These faceted coins are gorgeous! I am so happy that I got one strand of each gemstone. So many possibilities, so very lovely!

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