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Trend Watch Tucson 2017 | What's Hot in the Desert
Posted by Erin to Articles
Trend Watch: Tucson 2017
Right now it seems like everybody's either been down to the show or is there already. Instagram and Facebook are full of friends posing with gigantic geodes or showing off their favorite finds.

If the show wasn't in the cards for you this year, we've compiled a list of some of the most popular items at the Dakota Stones booth so far this year.
Lapis everything.
As designers eye the S/S color and style trends, Lapis is an obvious pick. After all, how many times does Pantone's swatch name just give you the name of the coordinating stone type? Plus, the rich blue works great in boho OR classic designs.

Customers are feeling the bright colors and clean lines in these sets. Several buyers have mentioned that the "upcycled" nature of composite is a big draw. In addition to packing lots of visual punch for a low cost, it's also relatively light weight. Customers have also mentioned that these can be kept together in one design, or broken up and used in several.

K2 Slices Tucson is a great place to see new or uncommon stones. K2 is granite with copper-bearing mineral inclusions (there's disagreement on specifics, most sources claim Apatite or Azurite). It's mined at the based of the second-highest mountain in the world, Pakistan's K2. The unconventional color and pattern of the stone combined with its unique source, has made this stone popular with novel-stone seekers.

Phantom Quartz
14-36mm Crystal Points
12-32mm Crystal Points
Quartz Points From large Phantom Quartz points to delicate Crystal Quartz matchsticks, these strands are flying to buyers. We brought down more than we thought we'd need, and they're going at an unprecedented rate. In addition to earrings and pendants, customers are using points to up the wow-factor in statement pieces. As jewelry trends continue owards pieces that can be dressed up or down, quartz is subtle enough to wear with distressed denim and sparkly enough for a night on the town. Designers are loving quartz points to incorporate more angular elements in designs, too.

10mm Faceted Rounds
6mm Matte
12mm Rounds
8mm Matte
Blood Quartz
People are loving the rusty red and pink tones. This stone has been one of our biggest "Oooh - what is this?!" items of the show. It's also gotten lots of love in our showroom and online since its debut a couple weeks ago.

If you're at the show, we're at the G&LW Gem Mall
in the Fiesta Tent, Booth #2209.

Erin, Dakota Stones
If you Tucson's not in your cards, or if you've already left and need another stone rush, we'll be continuing to release new product online (and some online exclusives!) for the length of the show.
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