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Tucson, Here We Come!!!
Posted by Erin to Articles
Survive (and Thrive) in Tucson 2017
Some of you have been going to Tucson for decades, and others may be excitedly packing up for their first trip, while others are planning to go some day. Regardless of which camp you fall in, we've assembled some hints to help you make the most out of your show experience. 

Fiesta Blue Tent
Booth #2209

Click on the .pdf (right) for a detailed map of our location.

4475 S. Country Club Rd.  Tucson, AZ
January 28th-February 8th
Show Hours: 10-6pm, final day 10-3pm

Before You Go: 
Pre-Register Lines are always long, but pre-registration will lessen your line time. Remember to bring multiple copies of your Tax ID.

- Consider checking an extra bag, using the suitcase in a suitcase method, or bringing some boxes and scoping put the Tucson Post Office- you want to have lots of room to bring back rocks!

- Speaking of packing, plan to do lots of walking since most of the shows are within walking distance of each other, so bring good shoes! Even though it's Arizona, the temperature can range from warm to cool, so make sure you've got the basics for both types of weather. The tents can get pretty warm, so make sure you've got layers!

At the Show: 
-  Dakota Stones will be at the G&LW Gem Mall, Fiesta Tent, Booth #2209. We recommend that you get a show book to help you navigate.

- If you see something you love, buy it immediately. You don't know if it will be there later.

- Hydrate! You're in the desert. It's exciting! You're excited! Make sure you take time to get water and food and bathroom breaks so you can feel good and have fun.

- Get to know your vendors. A good relationship with your vendors is a great way to find the best things at a show. If they know your preferences, they'll be able to steer you towards the right products at the show and will keep you in mind when new product that you might like comes along throughout the year.

Heading Home: 
- Regardless of how you're bringing your beads home, pack them carefully.

- It's easy to forget how quickly a suitcase can be overweight when beads are involved. Portable luggage scales are relatively cheap and will help you avoid any nasty surprises at the airport.

- Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to ship your clothes and toiletries home and just bring back a suitcase full of beads.

Safe Travels!
See you in the Fiesta Tent at the G&LW Bead Mall, Booth #2209
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