For those of us who couldn't make it to last week's Bead & Button show in Milwaukee, here's a quick recap of some of the hot products from Dakota Stones.

Please note: Not all of these are currently available on our site, we're working hard to get them up ASAP - and some are hand-cut limited editions from our DS Premier exclusive high-end line, which means that they're better suited for in-person purchasing, and only available at our showroom or at trade shows.

Matte Porcelain Jasper
These little lovelies just went live online this week, and we weren't surprised that they were a hit. Matte finish on Jasper is always a great way to soften the intensity of the color and pattern, making it a great partner for solid colors, or bolder patterned stones.

Star Cut (Coming Soon) 
Red Creek Jasper, Carnelian

We've decreed this the cut of 2017 and beyond.
The simpler faceting adds dimension to the sparkle AND results in a lighter weight stone. This means the visual punch of larger beads without the physical weight. This style is also sooo amazing for multiple design aesthetics. Whether you're looking to capture clean lines, free-flowing boho vibes, or timeless look with a twist.

Mixed Stones, Smoky Quartz, Ruby Zoisite

Ruby (Showroom/Tradeshow Only)  
We've been working for over a year on production of these babies. We had access to some really fun rough and have been modifying and tweaking to make these exclusive little gems.

Matte Labradorite (Coming Soon)

High grade labradorite
with lovely flash and and a softer finish is absolutely magical. This was another product that's been in the works for a while as we wanted the flash and the finish to be juuuuust right. The crowd at Bead and Button seemed to agree that our efforts were worth it!
Erin, Dakota Stones

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