We've done a little digging over here to uncover some additional information about the "it" stone of 2017: K2.

K2 is named for the mountain from which it originates, which just happens to be the second highest mountain in the world. The stone has an interesting origin, and it has an equally interesting appearance. The gray, mottled portions of the stone are granite, with blue to blue green inclusions that usually appear as dots, spots, or faint flecks of color. Since K2 is a relative newcomer, the source of this color is up for debate, some say Malachite, others say Azurite, others say Afghanite.

From a design perspective, K2 is perfect for the "something different" piece. Its unconventional appearance and unique sourcing are great conversation. We're also loving that this is a stone type that has some appeal to everyone- whether it's the rugged appeal of the granite or the playful pop of blue, K2 lends itself to unisex designs.

Metaphysically, K2 packs a one-two punch of properties. The stone is specifically attributed with helping one to reach higher awareness, or reach one's highest self, opening the third eye chakra. The granite within the stone is said to ground these higher energies and help bring awareness into action within the world.

We feel like we've just scratched the surface with K2 cuts, and can't wait to produce more unique beads and focals from this fascinating rough.

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Erin, Dakota Stones 

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