Dakota Stones is a wholesale-only manufacturer. To create an account with us, you will need to provide a valid Tax ID number (also known as a Sales Tax ID number or Reseller ID) - this is NOT the same as an FEIN number.

Not sure what a Tax ID number is or if you have one? If your state does not collect sales tax or you're an international customer, contact [email protected] and we will help finalize account creation. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Not eligible for a wholesale account? Here are some of our trusted retailers:


As both a manufacturer and wholesaler we offer several account types to serve businesses of all sizes. When you create an account, a member of our sales team will review your information to determine the appropriate account type for your business.


Our most common account type offers a site-wide 30% discount. When you set up your account, you will automatically see a 30% discount.

Larger design companies and bead retailers are eligible for deeper discounts. Please include any information about your company that you'd like to provide. The more information we have, the better we're able to service your account from the start.

Our account types are assigned based on order volume. Our sales team regularly monitors each account's overall purchasing and will contact you if your account type changes.