Why Our Stones Rock

All beads aren't created equal. The quality of the rough stone, cut, and drill can all make for a better (or worse) beading experience.
The number of variables is the main reason we manufacture our own beads.

We work directly with the stone cutters to insure that our beads meet strict standards. That means good color and pattern, perfectly round rounds, consistent size in each bead, and laser-drilled holes. It also means that we know that all our beads are produced by fairly paid workers in safe conditions.

We're a company of artisans, adventurers, and stone lovers, and we're proud of every bead we make.

Dakota Stones believes every bead should be usable- no discards from half-drilled holes, surface cracks, or dimples. At the end of the day, we manufacture products that meet the quality standards of our in-house design and production teams, and the highest ethical standards in the industry.

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