This week we are featuring all our Purple Stone Types as a tribute to Minnesota's favorite son, Prince Rogers Nelson or the artist known as Prince, formerly known as Prince, and once again known as Prince. Dakota Stones is a Minnesota based company and long time Prince fans. Being fortunate enough to see him play a number of his infamous impromptu shows at his Paisley Park studio to tiny crowds of 200 fans. Even though the crowd was a mere 200 people, Prince would play 3 hour shows like he was performing in front of a sold out arena.
I was lucky enough to have met him on a few occasions through a high school classmate that served as Prince's estate manager for a number of years. The first time I met Prince my friend received a call from him at 2 am needing a ride home from the airport. When we arrived at the airport Prince got into the car dressed in what I would describe as some type of hooded cloak and 6 inch heeled boots (not an outfit I could pull off). During the 30-minute drive to his home Prince politely declined to acknowledge all of my not-so-subtle attempts to make small talk (even after I gave him shotgun in my own vehicle.) Now in his passing I feel fortunate and grateful to have these memorable experiences.

Prince was an innovator, an antagonizer, a perfectionist, a workaholic, an artist ... an Icon. And how often do we get to meet and, more importantly, experience the art of an icon?

To pay tribute to Prince we are featuring all our purple stones on

If there is one thing I've noticed while exhibiting at 100's of trade shows in our industry there is no shortage of 'purple loving' jewelry artists & designers out there. You know who you are. You never leave the house without some purple in your wardrobe (and some are bold enough to rock purple from head to toe). 

We all have a favorite color, but the major difference about the 'purple loving' people is they know theirs is right! Hopefully you can find some purple to inspire and Rock your designs.

P.S. Purple People - you may have to adopt Minnesota as your 2nd home as we have proposed legislation to make purple the official state color (plus, our NFL team is already purple).

                                                                               - Jeff 
                                                                               Owner, Dakota Stones

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