New Multi Color Sapphires!
We've just gotten some gorgeous new 16" Multi Color Sapphire strands. The colors are absolutely captivating and these beads are perfect as focals, accents, or re-strung as-is. We're featuring a limited number online through Thursday. These strands are currently a Limited Edition and we can't guarantee future availability at this time.

dsSchool of Rocks: Fire Opal  
In honor of the debut of 8" Fire Opal strands, we've made a new video for the blog. You can learn more about Fire Opal here.

Video: Master the Guru bead with Jess
We introduced new sizes and stone types to our Guru bead line. The 8mm and 10mm sizes are perfect for stackable bracelet designs. (Plus, they're available in quartz and amethyst for all our chakra jewelry lovers!) Using a guru bead in your design is easier than you might think. Check out Jess's tutorial for stringing Guru beads on silk here.

Erin, Dakota Stones
PS - The same technique works with elastic, too. Just use a Big Eye needle and .7mm stretch material!

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