We've created this week's "Muted Tones" feature with the idea that accessorizing our wardrobes in transition seasons can be hard. We wanted to inspire and suggest designs and color palettes that could work with shorts and a tank or jeans and a sweater. When we got our hands dirty and started finding the stones that fit the bill, things got interesting.

For the first time, I looked past flash and sparkle and examined the subtler colors, patterns and inclusions that can make individual beads a tiny study of color. There is beauty in details, and often overlooked magnificence in the irregularities that naturally occur. I've shared some of my new favorite stone beads in this video. My hope is that you'll be inspired to seek out beauty you may be overlooking. Maybe it's in stones or something else entirely. Turn down the metaphorical volume, and take a moment to appreciate something new.

Inspiration is everywhere. Erin, Dakota Stones

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