Store Name: Beadniks

Owner Name: Shelley Lambert

Address: 368 North Garden


How long has your store been open? 4 years

How big is your store space? 1500 sq. ft

Tell us a bit about your bead store’s design. What’s the greatest inspiration behind your bead store?

Beadniks is a franchise. While I own the store and inventory, Sally Roesler helped me set it up. She introduced me to a design company to design the store layout and gave me a list of trusted vendors, to include Dakota Stones. I do all of the buying and store management, but she’s there if I have questions or would like input.

What made you decide to open a bead store?

I have been in retail since I was 16. I was a Store Manager for Target Stores and a District Manager for Shopko and Kohls. I had a brain tumor a few years back and decided that life was too short not to enjoy what you do for a living. I combined my retail experience with my passion for jewelry making. I love working with our customers and store staff, they have become very good friends. I also enjoy finding unique things to add to our inventory.

Do you have a specific product that your store is known for?

We are known for our unique beads from around the world. We have gemstones for every budget and we have a selection that appeals to all age groups and genders. More than a quarter of our customers are male. Our organic table is one of our customer favorites, featuring beads made of wood, bone, horn, tagua nuts and more. We hear from customers all the time that they love our selection.

Do you offer classes? What is your most popular class?

We do offer classes. Our most popular class is “It’s A Wrap” .

We teach the technique for making the popular wrap bracelet. Our “It’s A Wrap” class is so popular because our method allows for a symmetrical weave. The silk cord on both sides of the bead are angled downward, instead having one side angled and one side straight, as in the ladder stitch.

What do you think are some of the biggest change in bead trends in the last 5 or 10 years?

Use of cord in jewelry designs has increased a great deal in the last year or so. In response, we now carry several colors of leather, waxed cotton, waxed linen, Chinese knotting cord, hemp and paracord.

As an artist and not just a bead store owner, what is your favorite material/style that you use?

I enjoy working with wire and chain. I have to admit that I have jumped right on the cord trend. I bought a “Knotty Do It All” tool and use it often.

Do you have any other passions/hobbies outside of beading?

Owning a bead store in this economy consumes my time, but I do like to draw, paint and make greeting cards.

Please share any additional information regarding you and your bead store.

For easy in and out, park in the green level of the ramp by Sears. Enter through Sears and turn slightly right. The store will be on your left side.

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Judy Champa

Date 12/19/2012

Very nice interview. Next time I am up in the Twin Cities I will be sure to check this store out. But I hope if Shelley ever gets to Indianapolis, she will come check my store out also.

Date 4/4/2020

Great post! Thank you for the article.

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