Featured Designer: Kristin Oppold

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Company Name: YaY! Jewelry

City & State: Savage, Minnesota

Q: Do you have a method or source you look to use for inspiring your designs?

A: Stone has always spoke to me, as I little kids if there was a rock pile I was digging in it. In fact my neighbors use to kick me out of their rock beds. My inspiration usually comes from a particular stone shape & variegation. I love going to Gem and Lapidary Shows as I can put my hands on the stones. I love unusual shapes and drills, that makes for a unique and great piece once the vision comes through. The jewelry set that I made with the Kyanite beads with the side drill, I had to go back for. I kept thinking about that strand and couldn’t get it out of my head….that is a good buying signal for me and a good indicator that a great piece will immerge.

Q: How often do you work on your jewelry designs?

A: In a dream world ……everyday! I love to create, it is therapy for me and makes me feel complete but alas I also have other responsibilies like my family and my 2 internet businesses. I always have the itch and somedays when I am overwhelmed by other responsibilies my studio is screaming my name.

Q: How would you describe your design style or technique?

A: I love earthy jewelry. My eye gravitates toward that. I tend to design my best jewelry being true to what I love. It took me awhile to find my niche in jewelry design. I found out that if I love it other people will….thus sales. I do some glam but I call it earthy glam. My advice to new and upcoming jewelry artists is stay true to what you love, you will find success if you do.

Q: Do you work in any other mediums beside jewelry design?

A: I love this question! Yes! I love to reuse and recycle cast - offs. I do have a wacky side….. I started buying used crocheted purses and shagging them with yarn, fabric and sari silk ribbon. They are quite funky and a big hit on my Etsy site. I also like to buy old wool blankets and sweaters and make sock monkey coffee cozies, pillows, flower pins and cuffs. One of my newest interests is buying antique jewelry and incorporating that into my earthy glam jewelry designs.

Q: What is your favorite stone to work with and why?

A: This is a difficult question! Can I pick more than one! I love Red Creek Jasper, I think the variegation is amazing in this stone it pairs nicely with other stones and with Czech Glass which is another favorite medium of mine. I also LOVE Kyanite it lends nicely to my earthy designs and I love the Zen feeling it gives to my jewelry.

Q: What is your favorite shape/ size to work with and why?

A: Anything unusual and unique. You need to set yourself apart from other designers in this competitive market. A great unique stone will always lend to an interesting piece and or design and those get noticed.

Q: If you could pick one person living or not to wear your jewelry who would it be and why?

A: I have a special spot in my heart for women who have suffered from Drug and Alcohol Addiction. My choice of person did not have a happy ending and I wish with all my heart that she could of found recovery for herself, my choice would have been Janice Joplin. I loved her earthy bluesy voice and had she found recovery for herself her voice would be heard today with a message of hope for those women who suffer from addiction. Although saddened by her death she is a reminder to those in recovery the path that addiction can ultimately lead to. A talent that ended to soon.

Being creative everyday completes my spirit. My earthy jewelry and fun accessories are a reflection of my love of texture, color and nature. It speaks to me as an artist and asks to be created. I simply heed its call.

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Kristin Oppold

Date 7/20/2012 8:10:04 PM

Thanks Jeff for featuring me for your new website launch, I am honored to be picked. Kristin

Kelli Nelson

Date 8/17/2012 8:13:32 PM

Kristin I love your Earthy Designs.. I too love stones, I am usually found after a big storm walking knee deep in a field of mud looking for my latest treasure... I am just starting out so I am trying to find my niche still. I know what I like to wear but I am still deciding if it is the look I am going to design.. You have great advice and are a great designer.. Kelli Nelson White Picket Fence Studio Centuria, WI 54824

katy curtis

Date 8/30/2012 10:01:01 AM

This is a awesome design as all of her designs are!!!

Charlene Straughter

Date 7/31/2016

Very ecclectic but bold and expressive, I like it!

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