Company Name: Lorelei Eurto Jewelry

City & State: New Hartford, NY

Q: Do you have a method or source you look to use for inspiring your designs?

A: I typically look at the art beads I enjoy using for inspiration for my designs. I love supporting artisans by using their handmade components and beads and many times, this is all the inspiration I need. I also love looking through popular catalogs such as Anthropogie and Sundance for color, and trends inspiration.

Q: How often do you work on your jewelry designs?

A: I tend to work in the studio 4-5 nights a week, creating new designs. I work a full time job at a local art museum, and normally have free time in the evenings. My husband and I don’t have kids yet, and we don’t have a lot of family in the area so we each have some free time for our own hobbies.

Q: How would you describe your design style or technique?

A: A better question would be what style or technique Don’t I use in my designs! I love trying everything! Lately I have been enjoying hand-knotted and macrame techniques using waxed linen cording, but tomorrow I may work on wire wrapped designs. My style tends to be free- form, spontaneous and whimsical. I love the spontaneity of mixing materials, the more the merrier.

Q: Do you work in any other mediums beside jewelry design?

A: I’ve been dabbling in some drawing and collage in an art journal that I am swapping in the mail with my sister. It’s been fun coming up with new creative adventures when it’s my turn. But most of my time is spent making jewelry.

Q: What is your favorite stone to work with and why?

A: I have always had a weakness for Prehnite. I love the soft green color and am intrigued by the meaning behind it that it helps strengthen intuition and recognize truths.

Q: What is your favorite shape/ size to work with and why?

A: I can work with any size stone, but tend to grab for the smaller stones when using semi-precious gems to keep the costs down on my finished pieces. I also like to keep the weight down so the finished design is wearable and comfortable. Sometimes larger stones can be heavy.

Q: If you could pick one person living or not to wear your jewelry who would it be and why?

A: I would have to say actress, Drew Barrymore. She is a free spirit who could pull off nature- inspired, and whimsical jewelry like mine. It would be such an honor to even just see her wearing a piece I created.

As a self taught jewelry designer, Lorelei Eurto is always trying new techniques and tricks to make unique jewelry. Working full time in an art museum, Lorelei is never more than a foot away from beautiful artwork to inspire her designs.

Read her daily blog at to see her latest designs, or shop her etsy store or website


Gaea Cannaday

Date 8/28/2012 5:51:58 PM

As always, so lovely!

Kristin Oppold

Date 8/29/2012 12:05:03 PM

Very nice interview, good to get to know you better!

Elisa Ouellette

Date 10/7/2012

I would defiantely wear this with my dark blue sweater - lovely work!

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