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Featured Products
Cherry Quartz 13x18 Oval 8"
Gold Snowflake Obsidian 4mm Round 8"
Picasso Jasper 6mm Round 8"
Fluorite Banded 12x16 Tumbled Nugget 8"
Prehnite 4mm Round 8"
Picture Jasper 8x10 Nugget 8"
Blue GoldStone 10X20 Rice Bead 8"
Mardi Gras Impression Jasper 12x16 Pear
Smoky Quartz 13x18 Oval 8"
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise 4-7mm Chips 16"
Rose Gold Druzy Agate 12mm Round (17 pcs)
Tiger Eye 10x14 Pointed Double Drill (A Grade)
Labradorite 8x12-10x20 Rough Top Drilled Oval 16"
Rose Quartz 6mm Snake Beads
Agua Nueva Agate 15x20-30mm Graduated Center Drilled Rectangle 8"
Pink Impression Jasper & Pyrite Rectangle 7 Piece Pendant Set
Dog Teeth Amethyst 12mm Triangle
Druzy Agate Pink 10mm Round 16"
Boulder Opal 10x14 Rice Bead
Blue GoldenEye 15x20 Rectangle
Pink-Grey Tourmaline 8-10mm Rough Nugget
Druzy Agate Black 10mm Round 16"
Pyrite 8-12mm Rough Cut Nugget 16"
Tiger Eye 13x18 Oval (A Grade)
Lapis 6mm Tube + Rondelle Mix 16"
Carnelian 20mm Flat Heart 16"
Druzy Agate Natural A/B 10mm Round 15.8"
Brown Sardonyx 13x18 Rice Bead 16"
Montana Moss Agate 15x25mm Faceted Nugget 16"
Rose Gold Druzy Agate 10mm Round (20 pcs)
Druzy Purple 12mm Coin 8"
Druzy Rainbow 10x14 Oval 8"
Druzy Blue 12mm Coin 8"

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