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Dumortierite is a fibrous variably colored aluminum boro-silicate mineral. The crystals are vitreous and vary in color from blue, green, and brown to the more rare violet and pink. It can enhance organizational abilities and orderliness. It is mined in North America, South America, South Africa, Europe, Mozambique, Australia, and South Korea. Mohs hardness 7-8.5.

AfricaSouth Africa
Products (Total Items: 20)
Dumorterite 6mm Rondelle 8
Dumorterite 6mm Rondelle 8"
Dumorterite 8mm Faceted Rondelle 8
Dumorterite 8mm Faceted Rondelle 8"
Dumortierite 10x14 Oval 8
Dumortierite 10x14 Oval 8"
Dumortierite 10x20 Double Drill 8
Dumortierite 10x20 Double Drill 8"
Dumortierite 12mm Coin 8
Dumortierite 12mm Coin 8"
Dumortierite 12mm Square 8
Dumortierite 12mm Square 8"
Dumortierite 30x40 Oval 8
Dumortierite 30x40 Oval 8"
Dumortierite 4mm Round 8
Dumortierite 4mm Round 8
Dumortierite 6mm Cube 8
Dumortierite 6mm Cube 8"
Dumortierite 8mm Round 8
Dumortierite 8mm Round 8"
Dumortierite 8x10 Tumble Nugget
Dumortierite 8x10 Tumble Nugget
Flower Dumortierite 10x14mm Oval 16
Flower Dumortierite 10x14mm Oval 16"
Flower Dumortierite 10x14mm Rectangle 16
Flower Dumortierite 10x14mm Rectangle 16"
Flower Dumortierite 13x18mm Oval 16
Flower Dumortierite 13x18mm Oval 16"
Flower Dumortierite 14mm Coin 16
Flower Dumortierite 14mm Coin 16"
Flower Dumortierite 18x25mm Oval 16
Flower Dumortierite 18x25mm Oval 16"
MATTE Dumortierite 10mm Star Cut Round 16
MATTE Dumortierite 10mm Star Cut Round 16"
Sunset Dumortierite 15x30mm Oval 16
Sunset Dumortierite 15x30mm Oval 16"
Sunset Dumortierite 15x30mm Rectangle 16
Sunset Dumortierite 15x30mm Rectangle 16"
Sunset Dumortierite 8mm Large Hole (2.5mm) Rondelle 8
Sunset Dumortierite 8mm Large Hole (2.5mm) Rondelle 8"

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