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PayPal Payment Information
What happened to the PayPal payment option?
Due to circumstances beyond our control, all paymets, for the time being, must be processed Via a Credit Card. Our PayPal option was causing some issues with checkout, so If you had attempted to place an order and were unable to, please try again. Everything will be up and working ASAP. If you have concerns using a credit card and would still prefer to use PayPal, email shipping@dakotastones.com We will be in contact with you to complete your order. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Shipping Information
How long will it take for my order to ship?
Your order will ship within 3-5 Business days.

Website Issues
Why am I getting errors with dakotastones.com? What should I do?
If you ever get any errors with our site, we'd like to know. First things first, it could be that your browser is not currently up to date. Get the latest version of popular web browsers by clicking here. This could solve other issues you may be having with other websites as well. If this doesn't solve your issues, please feel free to give us a call at 612-298-7371 or feel free to email our web department at web@dakotastones.com

Strand Length Information
How do the beads come packaged? Are they sold by the bead or by the strand?
Each item is priced per strand. Each strand is 16 inches in length unless otherwise specified. For example; if you order a qty of 1, you are ordering one 16 inch strand. Note that if you order a 16 inch strand, it may ship as two 8 inch strands.

Return Policy
We want you to be as happy with your beads as we are to sell them! Dakota Stones backs their products 100%. If you are not happy with the items you received, we ask that you return them in a reasonable amount of time (within 30 days).

Returns have two options, you will be asked what your preference is:

• 1.) We will refund your account
• 2.) We will send you something else as a replacement.

We ask that you send your items back with a copy of the invoice, and in the original packaging that you received the product in. If you have any questions or would like to provide us with feedback, please e-mail sales@dakotastones.com.

Wholesale Information
What is “wholesale” pricing and do I qualify?;
Wholesale prices are given to businesses who either own a retail store (ie. Bead store/ Craft Store) or for jewelry designers who resell their jewelry. In order to qualify for wholesale pricing, you must be a licensed business with a state tax id number (resell number).

I qualify for wholesale, how do I receive online wholesale prices?
In order to receive wholesale prices on our website, you must first register for an account.

I have submitted the online application for wholesale prices, however I am unable to login and get wholesale pricing?

If you are creating an account for a Bead Store, you will NOT get immediate access to wholesale pricing. It takes up to 1 business day for your application to process and you will receive a confirmation email to confirm once you have been approved. If you have received an email confirmation approving your wholesale status, and you are still having problems, please contact info@dakotastones.com

The holistic information provided on this site is not intended as a substitute for a treatment or cure for any ailment, or is to be used in any part as a diagnosis for illness. Any medical, health or psychological references presented on this site are not intended to replace professional diagnoses and treatments from medical providers. As such, Dakota Stones disclaims any and all liability from the holistic and metaphysical information provided on this website, where the user assumes and is aware of any risk related to the healing properties of stones.

Wholesale Only

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