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They're the Tops!
Posted by Erin to Featured Designers
Top drilled flower necklace design by Erin G.

Silver Leaf Top Drilled Drops
Top-drilled beads are perennial favorites for earrings and focals. Often we only see top drilled beads in high-end strands or sold as individual pendants in less expensive stone types.

Smaller top-drill beads in less pricey stone types can be lots of fun, but tricky to find... or findable only in 16" strands. We put our minds to it, did a little leg work, and got some top-drilled strands that we think are juuuuust right.

I couldn't wait to play with them, so I took home a couple strands of Crazy Lace Agate, sorted the colors and made a bloomin' awesome (if I do say so myself) necklace. I also discovered it makes a tasty headband!
ds Top Drilled Drops (below). Visit our top drill section for more stone types!

Ocean Jasper
Crazy Lace Agate
Yellow Moss Agate

Yellow Moss Agate
Stone Cold Truth #2: Multicolored beads look waaay different off the strand than on. If you look at a strand and find the variations in color or pattern distracting, take them off and sort them by color or opacity or pattern. It will give you an entirely different perspective! 
Erin, Dakota Stones
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